NESSY DRAGON ENTERPRISE got together a group of small and medium enterprises in Kyushu and Nagasaki to form a joint venture company and began receiving approval from the country of Vietnam on May 22nd.

Nagasaki prefecture is located in the northwest corner of Kyushu in Japan and it is also the closest one to other countries in Asia such as Korea and China. Nagasaki is known as the one with the most islands among the 47 prefectures. Nagasaki’s population is about 1.43 million and area of ​​about 4,130㎢ and it is the place with the most islands among the 47 prefectures.

There are also two national parks, two world heritage sites and many beauty spots such as Huisten Bos and Glover Garden which attract 20 million tourists a year.

In addition, we will not only bring you the information of real estate properties in Hanoi but the tourism information in Nagasaki Prefecture also.

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