Nagasaki Prefecture is a prefecture located in the northwest corner of the Kyushu district of Japan. The prefectural office is located in Nagasaki City.

It includes many islands such as Goto Islands, Ikijima, Tsushima, etc. It is known as the the one with the most islands among 47 prefectures. Nagasaki also has a long coastline, which is numbered at the first or second place among 47 prefectures. The history of Nagasaki Prefecture dated back more than 30,000 years ago by excavation survey of the Fukui cave in Yoshii Town, Sasebo City.

In the Izumi-Fuji cave in Setagoe-cho, Sasebo City, a local junior high school student discovered, “Bean grain culture pottery” (National Important Cultural Property) was found excavated 13 thousand years ago.

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